Monday, 8 October 2007

Greek translation for joomla multithumb mambot

You can download it here. You install the Greek package like any other mambot once you have installed multithumb mambot (alternative link).


Now with even more popup types, watermarks, image resize, manual thumbnails, language packs and much, much more!

Multithumb is more versatile than ever. In fact, it is probably one of the most versatile and advanced mambots ever written.

So what is Multithumb?

Multithumb is a multi-purpose image plugin for Joomla that can automatically create thumbnails and popups of the original images, as well as resize the full-size images or add a watermark to them. It can even scramble the images names so that people cannot guess their original non-watermark locations.

For articles shown in blog mode, it can create a link from the first image to the full article for better user navigation.

It can also create a simple photo gallery from any folder by just including one of the images from the folder.

The following popup types are supported:

- Normal popup
- Lightbox
- Slimbox
- Thickbox
- Greybox
- Thumbnail expansion

Multithumb works with both normal images and images.

For a full list of all the new features, please go to the homepage.

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