Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Count text in text boxes and headers - Complete word count

Download Complete word count

1 What does CompleteWordCount do?

The CompleteWordCount add‑in allows you to see a full word count for the different areas of your document.
2 Why doesn't Microsoft Word give me an accurate word count?

Word does not give you a full word count of your document.

Microsoft Word includes a built-in word counter. But it is not always accurate. It does not give you a count of all the words in your document. It doesn't count words in headers or footers, or, importantly, in diagrams made up of text boxes, autoshapes and other Word elements. Only in later versions of Word can you get Word to include footnotes and endnotes in its count. Earlier versions of Word don't count words in footnotes or endnotes.
3 How to install CompleteWordCount

1. In Word, choose Tools > Options > File Locations.
2. Note the Startup folder.
3. Exit Word.
4. Click the Download button on this page. Save the Zip file to your hard drive.
5. You will need an un-zipper to unzip the file. Unzip the file (CompleteWordCount.dot) and save it in the Startup folder you noted above.
6. Re-start Word. In Tools > Templates and Add-Ins, you will see that CompleteWordCount is listed among the Global templates and add-ins. Make sure it is ticked.

The CompleteWordCount add-in displays a dialog box like this one, showing the word count for all areas of your document.

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