Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Deleting duplicate rows and other useful tricks for Excel

There is a free and magical add-on, called Asap utilities. You can even select a sheet in Excel and change case (although it has some problems with non English characters, for example when converting Ç to lowercase and vice versa the cedille is lost) or delete empty leading-trailing spaces (useful in glossary maintenance).

Find / Replace in all sheets

Search/find and/or replace in all sheets at once. Shows all matches in a box which allows you to walk through the results easily.
Easy to find text across all sheets. Also has the power to deal with special characters such as line feeds (alt+enter), carriage returns and tabs.

Move screen
(place selection in top-left of screen)
Move the screen. This will place your selection in the left-top of the screen)

Show selection in center of screen

Place your selection in the center of your screen. Easy because you don't have to use the scrollbars.

Custom formula error message
The custom formula error message makes it easy to display a custom message for formula errors. This means that in stead of e.g. #VALUE! You can have your own (more logical) error message displayed.

Paste Special (with combinations)
Paste Special, with multiple options combined e.g. paste both values AND formatting at the same time

Paste values and formatting

Paste your selection with both values & formatting at the same time
Convert cell's value to its formatted look

Convert the value or formula in selected cells to the way they are formatted.
E.g. cell A1 with the value [=12*2] formatted as [EUR 24,-]
This function will put ['EUR 24,-] in cell A1.

Copy formulas without changing their references
Copy formula's exactly. Normally you have to block all references with $ if you want to achieve this. Not with this function. It will copy all formula's exactly without changing any references.

Move selected range (only values)
Move the data in your cell's, without the formatting. Just like the copy and paste as values, but now moving.

Copy multiple selections

Copy multiple selections. Something that is normally not possible in Excel.

Transpose data with formulas

Transpose data with formula. This will transpose your data and keep the correct formulas.

Empty duplicates in selection

Empty duplicates in selected cells. This will empty all duplicate values that are found. The first cells containing the duplicated value will keep its value.

Randomize list

Randomizes a list by row.

Flip selected cells
This will flip the selected cells. e.g. if you have selected three cells in one row, containing the number 15, 16 and 17, this utility will reverse the order to
17, 16, 15. This utility works for selections in one row or one column.

Delete all rangenames in selection
Remove all rangenames in your selected range.

Delete all range names in the entire workbook

Remove all rangenames in the entire workbook.

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