Wednesday, 10 October 2007

English-Greek phrase book for a gadget

Languages: English to Greek
Project: An English-Greek phrase book for an electronic gadget providing translation and phonetic transcription of the Greek translation with a self-devised system.
Files: 9000 words in total with 10 excel files with phrases and a 4000 word dictionary. Some of the phrases may combine with dictionary words and create sentences
Difficulty: Both low and high. High as the translations of the unfinished phrases and the dictionary must be made according to the widest possible application and be as grammatically correct as possible given that the whole structure was based on the English language. Also, devising a phonetic system for the lay (non-linguist) English speaking person is a major challenge given that there is no such standard. Moreover both translations and phonetic transcriptions must comply to a 60 character limit. Easy, because there is hardly any terminology or difficult in syntax.

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