Friday, 13 November 2009

Cumulative patch for SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1

Cumulative patch for SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1.

For more information, please refer to KB article 2913

This cumulative patch addresses the following issues with SP1:

Custom text and attribute field values lost when upgrading translation memories for use in SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1

Creating a new translation memory in SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1 may fail with the error message "Culture ID 4096 is not a supported culture"

Connecting to a MultiTerm Server 2009 from SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1 may fail when using the HTTP protocol

Opening third-party XLIFF files after upgrading to SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1 fails with the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Please make sure to apply this patch as soon as possible.

Apply the cumulative update as follows:

Close SDL Trados Studio.
Download the ZIP file from the attachments area of this KB article.
Extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder of your choice, such as C:\temp. The ZIP file applies to all editions of SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1.
Double-click the file Studio-KB2913.msp. This will install the patch and update the following files in the SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1 installation folder:
MtAnywhere.dll (new file version 8.1.1107.0)
Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Bilingual.Xliff.dll(new file version 9.0.1107.7)
Sdl.LanguagePlatform.TranslationMemoryMigrationApi.Implementation.dll (new file version 1.6.1110.1)
Sdl.TranslationStudio.TranslationMemoryManager.dll (new file version 9.1.1117.1)


blete said...

Thank you for your informative article. I downloaded the patch and it seems to apply correctly, but my SDL Trados still does not work. It gives me the following mistake even after I uninstalled and reinstalled it:"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
Please advise if you have a solution. Thanks.

Greek Translator said...

You have SP1? What do you do before the error is triggered?

blete said...

I downloaded SP1 three weeks ago. it gave me the same mistake before, but I was able to go to control panel and repair the program and work fine for a couple of weeks. it stopped working three days ago, giving me the same issue. I restarted the program, but then microsoft word started misbehaving and my comp froze completely. I had to restart it once again. I uninstalled and reinstalled every SDL component but includning the patch but I still get the same issue.

Greek Translator said...

It gives the error when you launch Studio? Which pperating system do you use?

Do you have a second computer? Try installing it to another machine if you can, and see if it has the same behaviour.

blete said...

my other computer is a MAC OS.
Yeah it is giving me the same mistake.
I will try and redo it again. Maybe it will solve the problem

Greek Translator said...

Two machines same error with SP1 and the patch... sounds strange. What is your OS? Did you contact SDL support?

blete said...

seems like it is working now, after I downloaded everything from the beginning once again.
Anyway, thank you for your response.
best of luck,